Do you want to have your own personal website? Does your company want to setup a website or need you to maintain it? Do you want to learn some basics of website design and show off to your resume or school application?
On June 20 at 2 pm, Dr. Peter Zhang give a free seminar and show how to create a simple website or a blog, add photos, videos, maps, contact form or more.  Dr. Zhang used the most popular method and technique to create the website; and show the audiences to make a website without buying or installing any software. The seminar was given mainly in Chinese, but blended with English.
Videos recorded:

2015年6月20号下午2点,章华博士 (Dr. Peter Zhang) 在美国洛杉矶的金华之声广播电台开办了一个讲座。讲解如何开一个免费网站,博客,放图片,视频,地图,联系表等方法和诀窍。该讲座的对象是那些想拥有个人网站,需要建公司网站或维护网站内容,或想学点网站设计知识,为自己找工作或申请学校的人。此次讲座采用当前最流行的 WordPress 网页设计技术完成全部网页建立过程。下面是录制的视频链接,请点击观看。