High School Student Volunteers needed for USAITA summer camp

USA Chinese Information and Technology (USAITA), a nonprofit organization, is looking for helps for the summer camp programs organized by USAITA. High School Students age fifteen through eighteen (15 – 18) are very helpful members of our USAITA volunteer program. They are able to earn service hours which can be applied to school service requirements while they provide a valuable service to our 2016 summer camp programs. To be considered, high school volunteer candidates must have a comfortable command of the English language and desire to serve the community.  Knowledge of science and technology isn’t required but a strong desire to inspire the innovator in everyone is necessary!

The overarching objective of volunteers is to encourage children to become creators, rather than consumers, of technology. This is achieved primarily through collaboration with the staff of USAITA (USA Chinese Information Technology Association) in the development and delivery of a range of interactive technology-based summer camp, workshops, using EV3 RobotC, Miduino and Arduino, in the Los Angeles Areas.

Major Roles & Responsibilities:

  • Organize the application standard and the publicity materials for the SMART Technology Workshops, including poster/flyer design.
  • Promote the project and actively recruit workshop applicants.
  • Arrange and lead an introductory meeting for the applicants before the workshops.
  • Introduce applicants with the concepts involved with EV3 RobotC, Microduino and/or Arduino, and inform them about the format of the workshops, what to expect etc.
  • Liaise with the USAITA workshop teachers on class requirements. Keep them up to date with progress and inform them of any issues.
  • Maintain regular communication with USAITA workshop staff members regarding daily workshop sessions and schedules for EV3 RobotC, Miduino and Arduino.
  • Keep in touch with the applicants via email and Facebook to inform them about upcoming workshops and project activities.
  • Be in regular contact with USAITA Leaders and Organizers Group.Create spreadsheets to track workshop attendance, homework status, volunteer hours, training attendance, workshop availability and groupings.
  • Match volunteers into different applicant groups depending on availability.
  • Organize a handover meeting for new USAITA volunteers.
  • Actively uphold USAITA volunteers policies and procedures.

All volunteers will receive certified volunteering hours proof. They will receive ongoing support and guidance from USAITA staff. Volunteers will learn project management and technology by working alongside a designated USAITA staff member.

If interested, please contact us at info@usaita.org with a brief bio of yourself attached.