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USA Chinese Information Technology Association (www.usaita.org)
US Chinese Scholars Association (www.usacsa.org)
Time: November 5, 2017
Forum 1: 00-5: 00 PM
Dinner: 6-9 PM
Location: San Gabriel Hilton
225 W Valley Blvd, San Gabriel, CA 91776

At present, “big data” has changed from concept to practical. The new round of technological revolution based on big data is in the ascendant: artificial intelligence, machine learning, wearable equipment, Industry 4.0, Virtual Reality, to name a few. Big data and artificial intelligence are gradually changing society, economy, and people’s lives. How to use big data and artificial intelligence to solve practical problems, to promote economic development, while ensuring information security and privacy, has become the hot issues all over the world and all walks of life.

This forum takes “Big data and artificial intelligence” as the theme of the study and covers the talks about big data and artificial intelligence development prospects, hot spots, and key technologies. We invite the Chinese and American experts to talk about the topic, and invite Chinese and American enterprises to carry out talent exchanges, project matching, and product demonstration. Guests, business people, scholars, experts and college students will be gathered together to mutually benefit from each other through exchange and discussion. There will be a large number of students from famous universities, especially in Southern California (such as California Institute of Technology, University of California, Los Angeles, University of Southern California, etc.) participating the event and use it as a platform for business and talent exchange.  Many of them are pursuing cloud computing, big data, artificial intelligence field at master or Ph. D. levers.
US corporations invite: IBM, Microsoft, Google, Facebook, Amazon, Dell and so on
Chinese enterprises invited: Chinese high-tech companies, major national high-tech industrial development zones, research institutes, and major colleges and universities.
Corporate sponsorship are welcomed.
Forum sponsorship:
Diamond, Gold, Silver, Individual Sponsorship
Diamond ($ 6,000), Gold ($ 3,000), Silver ($ 1,500), Individual Sponsorship ($ 500)

  • Diamond level: included in the co-organizers, 5 minutes presentation at the meeting to introduce the company, products or services; website banner ads, an exhibition counter, five dinner tickets included.
  • Gold: 3 minutes talk in the meeting to introduce the company, products and services; one exhibition counter, three dinner tickets.
  • Silver: a counter at the exhibition hall for the introduction of the company, products and services, two dinner tickets.
  • Individual sponsorship: on the list of individual sponsors, pass for all forum events and activities, and one dinner ticket.

Contact info:
Forum Organizing Committee
Email: info@usaita.org,
Phone: 310-896-8059,
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